How to Change Twitter Settings on the Web or iPhone

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In this 3-minute Twitter tutorial, learn how to change Twitter settings using the Twitter Web interface or the Twitter mobile app (iPhone is shown, but process is similar for the iPad). This is useful if you want to change your username, notifications, Twitter passwords, blocked accounts, etc. The narrator of the tutorial is Ian Lamont, the author of Twitter In 30 Minutes.

Learn Why Famous People Almost Never Respond to Tweets

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Why don’t famous people respond to fan tweets on Twitter? It can be frustrating when you mention a famous person or ask a question and he or she doesn’t respond. In less than 4 minutes, this Twitter tutorial will explain why stars like Ashton Kutcher or other celebrities, athletes, and politicians with millions of followers never answer. Narrated by the author of Twitter In 30 Minutes (3rd Edition).

How to Find Local Twitter Accounts

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So you’ve just joined Twitter, and you want to find local people and businesses. This 5 minute Twitter tutorial shows you exactly how to find local accounts, using real examples and step-by-step instructions. The book is narrated by the author of Twitter In 30 Minutes.